Kiara King Talks Lion In the Wild

Words by Hannah Rabbitt

Published in Moustache Magazine

There’s no denying that the influence of the humble blogger is rife. In fact, humble isn’t really an appropriate word for what can now be a full-time, fully rewarding gig. Just ask Kiara King of budding life and style blog, Lion In The Wild.

“People kind of miss it- they think ‘oh I’ll get into blogging and get some awesome product and have an awesome lifestyle.’ But you’ve got to realise that it’s a lot of hard work,” says the 24-year-old.


Three years ago King had some spare time to kill post-uni graduation and a blog was the perfect way to fill the gaping void in her timetable that assignments and exam prep had once occupied.

“To be honest I was bored…I was bored and I needed something creative to do. It started just as a hobby- I didn’t think I would end up doing it full time”

Based in Perth, King has just finished a weeklong trip to Sydney to meet and mingle with other people in her industry.

“Being in Perth has been really challenging, but then it’s kind of really rewarding as well…there’s only a few bloggers in Perth that are quite mainstream and produce high quality, amazing work.”

“It’s really cool- when people want to get in touch with the Western audience they contact me and a couple of other bloggers. I think that’s really rewarding.”

So, what is it that is making Lion In The Wild a boomer in this blogging business? King reckons it all boils down to how relevant she is to the people who actually engage with her posts. She dubs her personal aesthetic ‘relatable’ and believes that’s the secret ingredient that lures readers back for another bite.

“People will always say that they’re really feminine or edgy but I think I’m relatable. People can take what I wear and wear it themselves and not feel uncomfortable. I feel like that’s kind of my thing and what’s working for me as well.”

As someone who has devoured their fair share of blogs (you should see my Google history) I can say that it is indeed a successful method of satisfying the reader. King’s personal style shines in high quality photography and well-written bios, her flatlays give Margaret Zhang a run for her money, and I am now left wondering if I should dye my hair the exact colour of the burgeoning online star.

But how does one make each post as that effective, and as enticing as the last?

“I don’t try to force it. I think it’s kind of nice when you’re just driving around and find a nice location and shoot just what you’re wearing. It’s more organic and I think you’re readers can feel that,” says King.

“Stay true to yourself and be consistent. You need to produce posts as much as you can but with a high quality. You’ve got to be really social with it all and connect with people. Have fun!”

And fun she is having. King has scored some pretty sweet gigs from the hard work she’s put into her second child (the first is her beloved cat). Her favourite?

“I did a few things for Clinique a while ago. And they contacted me middle of last year and contracted me for a job to create some images for their Instagram, so I did that last year and it was incredible. That was just something that was offered because my Instagram has quite a good aesthetic and that’s what they wanted.”

With her past successes, it’s all systems go for King in the New Year; her fresh website will be launched (I’ve heard only good things) and exciting collaborations are on the horizon.

“We’ve been talking about some really big projects coming up with some quite high end designers and boutiques. It’s really exciting! I can’t say too much but… there might be a bit of a bloggers trip coming up which we’ve been talking about for a while.”

Blogger trips can only mean one thing-killer photos with stunning backdrops. I’m oh so keen already. King’s clearly got a good thing going on here- this is definitely one of those blogs to add to favourites and consume as regularly as your 2&5 (we’re talking daily).


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