Europe Through My Lens

February was a truly magical month. My partner and I set off to gallivant our way through Europe- and oh boy, was it splendid.

Our first stop was London. We walked twenty kilometres every day just to try and see as much of this vibrant city as possible. Some highlights included the view from the Skygarden (this place is AMAZE and free), our seriously expensive but oh-so-worth it dinner at Sketch (it’s more like an art gallery than a restaurant which makes it all the more fancy), freezing morning walks through the beautiful Hyde Park, splashing cash in Oxford Circus, drinking good coffee at Australian cafe Lantana, looking at mummies at the British museum (my inner five year old was delighted), scurrying around Harrods (it’s a lot bigger than I remembered..) and admiring the picture perfect pastel houses in Notting Hill.

We then hit up Durham (a university town in North England) for some historical enlightenment. We got to visit Hadrian’s Wall, and I loved the displays at the Bowes Museum. Flat White Cafe become our second home here- needless to say it’s hard to find good coffee in a tea-drinking society so when you find a good place you adopt it as if it were your own.

We got to spend Valentines Day in the city of love..Paris (that’s bucket list kind of crazy right there). We did everything one must in the French city- went to the Louvre, saw the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer, shopped on Champs Elysee and in Galleries Lafayette, oohed and ahhed at Versaille’s decadence, wandered back streets for good coffee (Telescope is the place to go if you’re ever around Palais Royal) and admired paperbacks at the Shakespeare and Co bookstore.

In my opinion, pictures can show you the beauty of it all better….


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