Let’s Talk About Leather Baby

It’s, like, really cold outside and that means one thing- it’s the humble leather jackets time to shine. Sturdy and always ready to go, it’s without a doubt the most worthwhile lifetime investment you’ll ever make (you’re going to get more milage out of one of these bad boys than any silly old car). But with so many on offer, how do you get the best bang for your buck?

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Some are biker style, some are embellished with a tonne of zips and pockets, some are just plain jane. There are a multitude of leather jacket styles on the market and it’s worthwhile hunting around to find the type the fits your shape and look best. Finishes will also vary- I went for a more textured look but you can easily opt for a smoother type.

How will you wear it?
If you’re somewhere cold and planning on layering jumpers under your leather, then a slightly more relaxed fit is going to be more useful. But if you’re just planning on throwing it over tees a snug jacket will be more flattering.

Sale Time
Right in the middle of the season, most larger outlets will have large clear outs of winter stock to make room for the next drop. Thus, this is the best time to strike. Department stores Myer and David Jones heavily discount stock at sale time, so go crazy.

You really want the jacket to go all the way, so pay close attention to the finer details of the jacket before purchase. Make sure the zip actually zips (sounds obvious but it’s a common issue) and that all buttons are firmly in place. Checking the inner lining for faults is also an ace idea.

And if you’re a bit more fussy, you can always get one custom made. Leathercult produces some great pieces.

So go on, invest and lather up the leather.


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