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It’s that time joyous time of year again when uni goes back and my sleep deprivation becomes blatantly obvious (and even coffee can’t fix it). But luckily, last week I discovered Napoleon Perdis’ Mighty Concealer Pen. The name is extravagant because boy oh boy does it conceal in an ever so mighty way. Only a few hours of sleep and you’d never know. Combined with Sportsgirl’s amaze bronzer (only $15 and makes me look like I’ve been in Tahiti for months) and M.A.C’s Lady Danger red (an all time fave), I can manage to look a little less like the walking dead.


And in fressh beauty news, my seriously funky friend Amy (you’re gonna love her) has just started a YouTube channel to inform you all on the best beauty and skin care products that you need. She is a nail polish expert so if you like to keep your digits looking fine, then she’s your go to gal! Check Amy out here!

Hannah x


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  1. I’m really loving your blog! I’ve been following it from the start! Your looks are just so darn sheik! You are really working those red lips!
    Love it gurl!
    Mel x

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