Flat Has Never Looked Better

In keeping with the strike of rubbish luck that I have been having these past few weeks (my dog bite is still healing), I did some serious damage to my foot last week in the gym. SUPERB. Just what I needed.

As an avid runner/shopper/funky shoe-wearer, this causes all sorts of catastrophic and possibly life-threatening issues. I promise you that I am not even overreacting. I currently run and walk with the most outrageously hilarious limp (which my best friend has not let me forget, cheers amigo), spend double the time getting around a shopping centre (which has a bad impact on shopping efficiency), and, gulp, have to wear a lot flat shoes. Enter the flatform, my knight in shining, glamorous armour.


They’ve been around for a few seasons now, but flatforms just seem to be getting flyer. Lets be honest here, the comfort of a flat with the height of a heel has an allure that is just too hard to say no to. If you’re not convinced: fear not, your mind is about to be changed. Already a fan? Be prepared to feast your eyes.

Stella McCartney just released a pair of her own and not only do they have the flatform style nailed, but they feature a Perspex base. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better. They may set one back a hefty $775, but boy are they hot.


The home of the quirky cool accessory, Marni, is doing it flat as well. Never one to miss a beat, Miss Miucca also released some of the pain-free foot candy too in Prada’s Spring/Summmer 2013 collection.


I’m patiently waiting for the postman to bring me the white-bedazzled beauties that I ordered at the beginning of the week, and if you too are intrigued and would like to get your hands of a pair of shoes that make you feel like you’re walking on a dream (no, joke) then asos is the place to go.


So, if you see someone limping around a shopping centre wearing funky fresh flatforms, don’t judge. It’s moi.

Hannah x

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