Man-Style Watches: Do It Like a Dude

Beyoncé may say that if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it, but I prefer to preach that if you like it, then you should’ve put your watch on it. I think there are very few things that are sexier and ooze more laidback cool than a girl’s wrist adorned in a big, oversized man’s watch. Just the thought makes me woozy.

I would even go so far as to say I would prefer to inherit my dad’s watch over my mum’s (and boy, that’s a big call; but mum if you’re reading I am fully prepared to take on the burden of having both).

I was lucky enough to get a big, black, man-style Marc Jacobs watch a few years back and every time I wear it, without doubt, I receive a compliment or an “OMG where did you get that?!?!” Buying gender-appropriate timepieces is like, so yesterday, obviously.


If you’re also keen on adding some androgynous bling to your repertoire, then Michael Kors is your new best friend. He often combines the femininity of rose gold and other metallics with masculine shapes seamlessly to produce what I would dub some seriously hot watches.


Not convinced and seeking some inspiration? Look no further than the stunning Whitney Port (girl crush alert) whose arm candy always manages to complement any outfit she pops on.


So whether the love of your life (or just some rich guy you found at an upper-class bar) gives you his, or you have to buy your own, a man-style watch is definitely worth the effort.

Hannah x

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