Rose Gold: The Heavenly Kind

I was having a bad week. A dog bit me on my run resulting in an ugly leg, ripped hard-to-find Lorna Jane tights and a trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot. Fun. Then I sliced my thumb open on a tub of hummus. “Really, hummus?” I hear you asking, to which I answer, “Really. Hummus.”

But on my way home from the doctor- numb arm, bandaged finger and bitten leg in tow- my mum and I stopped off at one of our favourite local boutiques. It was here that my week from hell came to a glorious end, all thanks to the God-sent that is rose gold. Shopping heals pain in a way that Panadol couldn’t even imagine.

The said rose gold was a bangle from designer Cat Hammill’s latest collection of splendid bells and whistles, and compliments my existing pieces to a tee. Boy-oh-boy I love me some rose gold.


Nicole Richie is also partial to the rosey-hued kind of jewellery. She rocked an insanely awesome Ryan Storer ear cuff at the Met Gala (and that white hair- UGH she look amazing) in no other shade but rose gold. Très chic.


If you’re looking for some other pieces, Samantha Wills and Marc by Marc Jacobs (on both have some great rose gold pieces at the moment!


Hannah x

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