Hot Holographics

Forget ‘shine bright like a diamond’, because this season I want to ‘shine bright like a holographic tote’. Yes, you heard me right.

In my head, the word graphics conjures up agonising images of stressful high school maths study sessions, but just add ‘holo’ in front of it and we’ve got ourselves a whole other ball game. An inevitable side effect of the futuristic trend, I’ve found myself fully obsessed with holographic bags.

Something about the shiny, reflective surfaces is just so alluring, I find myself re-blogging dozens of these iridescent babies daily on tumblr.


Designers love the shiny stuff  too. Proenza Schouler released their signature PS11 Mini Classic in a holographic leather for just over $2000. And guess what? It’s sold out on Net-a-Porter. Now, that’s crazy shiny dedication at it’s max (and most expensive).


I’ve got myself one on pre-order at Sportsgirl (yay!), and Nastygal also has a great little satchel for an awesome price. I also had to include this Marc Jacobs key purse; it’s just too delightful!


Kate Moss and Rita Ora also couldn’t resist a little slice of the shiny action, and were both snapped rocked their own holographic bags!


Hannah x

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  1. bought one on asos the other day, cannot contain my excitement for when it comes! love holographic sunglasses at the moment aswell.

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