Label Love: KIDS

As someone who is painfully (for both the soul and bank account) addicted to purchasing jewellery, any cool/new/wallet-friendly brands that I discover are seriously exciting.

So, a couple of weeks ago when my best friend and I discovered KIDS on a routine trip to our local Princess Polly, tears of joy filled my eyes. Not only are their prices super reasonable, but their pieces are simply awesome. And they’re an Australian company meaning cheap shipping! Serious bonus.


The collection consists of neon rope tassels, plaiting and metallic chains, and not a single thing over $35 (and some things just 12 measly bucks)! That’s what I call fiscally and physically attractive.

If the price point and sexy pieces alone weren’t enough to convince you, KIDS stockist (and all round awesome shopping mecca) Princess Polly featured the pieces in their latest campaign featuring the How Two Live girls Jess and Steff.


Both Georgia (my seriously amazing aforementioned best friend, for those who didn’t know) and myself couldn’t resist a little piece of the KIDS action and we are now both sharing the neon pink love with our necks.


Check out their website here.

Hannah x

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