Winter Head Warmers

I was lucky enough to have an amazing high school experience, except in one department: hats were painfully compulsory everywhere but the classrooms. I swore I would never put one of those wretched things on my head again. Nu-ah. Not this chick. It took me a solid two months before being hatless felt normal. My head was weirdly light.

But then I discovered something wonderful, something that could perhaps heal the wounds of the hat-ruined-hair of my high school life. Meet felt winter hats, my dear fashionable friends.


As the weather finally (maybe) starts to cool down, a good felt hat won’t just make you look hot, but keep your head warmer too. They’re oh-so-stylish (like the to die for Rag and Bone beauty above) and unlike their summer counterparts, the cooler weather ensures no sweaty heads! Phew. And did I mention that they suit almost every face shape? Score!

The felt’s allure was too much for me and I just had to have two (this happens to me a lot). I got myself a pop of colour from my fuchsia Sportsgirl fedora style felt hat, and a trusty, goes-with-everything khaki wide-brimmed option from Glassons. Both perfect for disguising a bad hair day (not for creating one) and for a little extra umph to some of my more tired autumn/winter looks. A girl can only afford so many jackets, you know?


Miranda Kerr rocks the hell out of her felt hats on the streets, and Lara Bingle was in fine form in her Hatmaker by Jonathan Howard piece at the races!


Try one on for size and see what a felt hat can do for you. If I can be converted, I’m sure you all can!

Hannah x

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