Fifty Shades of Neon Pink

Some pinks have the tendency to look so super dainty, and well, overly girly. But not neon pink. No way. He is the sexy cousin of your old-fashioned baby pink and he is completely, utterly, without-a-doubt cool.

If you’ve made good life choices and are hence following me on Instagram (shameless self plug), you may have noticed that I am crazily slightly obsessed with neon pink. I don’t mean to make it sound overly dramatic, but I think I now know what people mean when they say they fell head over heels in love.

Neon pink has now taken over my laptop case, pencil case, pillows and don’t even get me started on my accessories. Oh ok, if I must.


My tie-up rope necklace has become an instant favourite, and my cotton-plaited chain bracelet by edgy New Zealand brand Saben goes insanely well my perspex clutch, along with basically everything I own. My oldies-but-goodies Country Road jeans look major with my white Jorge cropped jumper. Frothing.


But if I’m not enough to convince you (how offensive, just kidding), let Beyoncé and Miranda lure you over to the neon pink side of the fence. Life is better here, I can money back guarantee you.


Hannah x

What I wore:

Bracelets (top): Sass and Bide, solid rose gold bangle from mum
Ring: Marc Jacobs
Laptop case: Marc Jacobs
Pillow (pink): from Bali. Similar fresh styles at Zazzle
Pillow (bunny): Karen Walker
Necklace: KIDs
Bracelet (lower): Saben
Jumper: Jorge
Jeans: Country Road

Image Credit:





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