Perspex Perfection

Who knew industrial translucent plastic could look so good?

The first time I laid my eyes on a perspex slice of heaven was early last year when Witchery released a fluro yellow folded clutch, and my heart nearly split in two when the shop assistant had to break it to me that it was sold out everywhere in Australia.

Then I discovered Charlotte Olympia’s gold-spider encrusted Pandora clutch (Olivia P has one, need I say more?!) and I was determined to make a piece mine! Fast forward to today, and my Instagram feed tells me that perspex is still going incredibly strong.


If you’re not keen on spending the $900 needed for the Charlotte Olympia version, fear not! High Street hero Zara has made it possible to own one of theirs for a nifty $30, and you have a selection of some seriously hot hues.


If you’re after something smaller, Karen Walker is Queen of quirky sunglasses and has many framed with the funky material, and jewellery designer Alexandra Blak produces a whole range of pretty plastic baubles.


You can even put some perspex on your feet! Jeffrey Campbell and Senso have a great selection of clear-heeled platforms, and they are all to die for. I’ll take 20 pairs, thanks.


My personal perspex collection currently houses two fluorescent Witchery clutches, and an amazing necklace I got from some markets in the south of France (similar styles at Dinosaur Designers), but I’m 99.98% sure that in a few weeks my collection will be substantially larger (and my bank account subsequently smaller)!


I’ve even heard that this stuff is scratch-proof, so you can love your perspex for years to come!

Hannah x

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