Futuristic Fever

It’s catchier than swine flu, and much, much more stylish. My newly found loves, metallic brogues, were just the tip of the iceberg my friends. Next came two very distinctive and totally froth-worthy clutches by the likes of Celine and Comme Des Garcons (my best friend and I literally cannot get enough, and I have given serious thought to selling a kidney to afford one).  


Before you could say ‘space cadet’, futurism was a fully-fledged trend taking over our wardrobes one funky piece at a time. Reflective shirts and skirts, straight lines and sharp angles alike.

At Jonathan Saunders, the Spring/Summer 2013 collection presented like a scene out of a cool sci-fi movie, where models fought for the sake of fashion, not to save Earth from intergalactic aliens. Whilst I thought all the looks were stellar (the pun is once again intended, please don’t judge me), the striped two-piece was my personal pick.


Dion Lee’s SS13 pieces also took a similar ultramodern approach; the collection drew upon atmospheric hues like deep blues and white, and of course silver hardware. Extra-terrestrial prints topped the whole thing off. It was all very alien-esque and incredibly alluring. Basically, I want all of it.


My pick of the trend came in the less debt-inducing form of a silver foil asos tee paired with a printed Benjamin Ringuet skirt, and a H&M pewter peplum dress.


This is one fever I’m more than happy to come down with, that’s for sure.

Hannah x

Accessories I wore:
Belt: Shakuhachi
Ring: Samantha Wills

Picture Credit



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