Metallic Brogues: I say YES!

The other day, my best friend was approached by a high school friend. The girl said, “I think I saw Hannah today, but I’m not sure.” My best friend needed only to ask one question to identify me.

“What was she wearing?” Georgia asked.

“Shiny shoes,” the friend replied, and instantly Georgia knew it was me.


Yes, people sometimes stare at me. Yes, when I first put them on my dad wondered if I had lost my eyesight. But I never lost faith in the shiny pieces of joy encapsulating my feet. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable (more than I thought was possible from a shoe that isn’t an ugg boot or sneaker) but I like to think that my metallic brogues give me some serious style cred, and I’m not alone.

Fashion goddess Olivia Palermo has rocked her pair of amazing silver brogues on several occasions, and killed it every time.  She proves you can chuck them on with skirts and t-shirts one day, and still wear them with leather pants and a white blazer the next. So many possible outfits, so little time.


If Olivia wasn’t enough proof for you (and she really should be), designer powerhouse Prada have created their own piece of metallic heaven. Snapped here by the amazing Garance Dore, they’re worth the big bucks my friends.


So the next time someone gives me a look at the local train station for wearing metallic brogues to uni, I will keep calm and remember that Olivia (and Prada) would do the same.

Hannah x

What I wore:
Shoes: Glassons
Jacket: Witchery
Pants: Country Road
Jumper: Sportsgirl

Last two images courtesy of and


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