Make Mine Asymmetrical

Short skirt. No, longer skirt. No, short, definitely short.

I don’t know about you, but I am excruciatingly indecisive. I always have been, and I fear greatly that I always will be.  So even with my die-hard love for fashion, deciding what to wear in the morning can often result with me sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of clothes of which I have decided ‘just won’t work’ today.

Enter the asymmetric skirt. Business on one side, party on the other. It’s the short skirt meets the slightly longer one and its cheekily demure approach makes it seriously sexy. I have been drooling over these for a while now, but I decided last week that one had to be mine. So I dug a little hole in my gym money, and bought one. Whoops. Oh well. It was worth it. With the cost-per-wear of this baby, it will practically pay for itself by the end of the month anyway.

I purchased my new love from Sportsgirl, but there are heaps of great options on the market.


If you after a slightly longer style on a shoestring budget, this skirt from asos has you covered (pun intended). For only $28.70 on sale, it’s basically free. Better buy two.


If you’re craving a little more colour and spontaneity from your new asymmetric friend, this Finders Keepers skirt may just be the one.


And finally, if you’re one of the lucky ladies who has some cash to splash at the moment, then Nicholas has some seriously drool-worthy pieces, and this crisp-as-an-apple skirt is no exception.


So go ahead, just try one on. I dare you not to love it.

Hannah x



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  1. omg omg gomg ggjkfdjsfdh
    love mealz ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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