Marie Claire Up Late on James Street

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending Marie Claire Up Late on James Street, Fortitude Valley. After spending hours trying to work out what to wear (needless the say the pressure of meeting some of Australia’s most influential designers as well as the Marie Claire fashion team in the one night was getting to me, cue eye twitch) I decided I had to go shopping in order to look the part.

After spending money I essentially didn’t have, I arrived at the event and was immediately taken back; the neon pink and cool blue lights, the towering heels, the eclectic outfits…was I in fashion heaven?


Myself and hundreds, if not thousands, of other excited shoppers, gathered around the front stage to listen to editor Jackie Frank introduce all the participating designers. Camilla Franks, Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, Lorna Jane, Ksubi’s Mikey Nolan and Gail Sorronda were just some of the incredible talent present. It was enough to make a girl weak at the knees! The lucky first 100 shoppers scored a free gift bag housing vouchers, magazines, nail polish and more!

The event is now in it’s second year and I asked Jackie Frank what convinced her to do it again. “The people of Brisbane, the girls of Brisbane, are just fantastic! I had so much fun, it’s just wonderful, it’s fun to be around such enthusiastic shoppers! It’s just a fun night!” she beamed.

The evening was filled with designer discounts (from 10% off at Sass and Bide to up to 50% off at St Barts), free champagne, amazing food and talks from the designers about their most recent collections. There was even a Mad Hatters Tea Party at Camarague!

Camilla chose a luxe tribal vibe; live bongo drums were played at the door and inside guests were surrounded by flowers hanging in old glass bottles. I got  a few minutes with Camilla Franks herself, who can’t seem to get enough of Brisbane! “For me, James Street is like my favourite store! I just find the whole energy and magic behind [the James Street Precinct] intoxicating. Brisbane has some of the best designers in the world I think!”

Sass and Bide was very cool minimalist, whilst Zimmermann was simultaneously fun and refined. “They’ve done an amazing job! It’s quite thrilling to see this many people out. It’s a fantastic, fantastic event,” designers Nicky and Simone Zimmermann of Zimmermann explained, “When you are from, say, a different state and you have a business and then you have store in that state, to connect with the people shopping with you and to be involved and to be here personally is very important to us.” 


For more on James Street or Marie Claire, check out their websites:

Hannah x

What I wore:

Tee: Sass and Bide
Skirt: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Seed Femme
Bracelet: Saben
Cuff: Sportsgirl
Necklace: KIDS
Clutch: Witchery


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